Friday, April 23, 2010


it has been many years
since they last spoke
she’s been out of the game
for so long now

she’s got everything to offer,

but it doesn’t feel that way
awkward, wondering 
what he’d even see in her now
the memories hold true, 
he sees them each time
he looks in her eyes, 

remembering just who she was
what she knows 
is still true about him

on the road to this place
it seemed so far away and long
sometimes the best parts of them
got left without knowing behind

even if they could go back
the pieces no longer fit
but when he looks in her eyes
he sees it’s all there
she sees her own reflection
being swept close to his

he likes 

what she believes him to be
she loves 
that his vision is so strong

sometimes love is
a tattered comforter that feels like home,
and wards off the chill that lingers close by

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