Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen Table Kin

They were kitchen table kin
not linked by blood except
the occasional bloody nose
scraped knee or elbow
with babies and ambitions,
whiling away many an afternoon
trudging through snow and
each other’s problems
over coffee mugs and girl scout cookies -
oblivious of things to come.

In time tears of kids gave
way to tears of adults as
marriages dissolved, dreams
died away. illnesses set in
and children grew up.
Sometimes the bills even
got paid while life sped on.
The kitchen chairs lay vacant
and the table in wait for
coffee mugs and cookies,
laughter again amongst tears.

By chance or was it just destiny,
when they came together again -
giving comfort, bringing laughter,
the circle once again closed.
They talked of old times and new times
as kin often do, and the times they
wished they had been together around
that kitchen table drinking coffee,
sharing cookies and what was
happening in their lives.

Older now, perhaps they’re wiser,
comfortable with who they are -
the laughter, the friendship,
their joy in making it this far. 

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