Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Stands

he stands 
on the corner
of the city street,
smack dab in the midst 
of the Monday morning 
commuter rush

cowboy hat,
mini lasso and American flag

campaign signs 
affixed to his American 
made car, nailed to a wooden

he’s making 
a grassroots run for
President, espousing the
word of God as if
he’s the messenger
sent to heal

I stand blurry eyed
at the lights, waiting to 
cross, knowing coffee is 
just a red light away

avoiding eye contact, 
I know it’s only a matter 
of time before he decides
I’m a captive audience

he says, “This is a day
the Lord has wrought. Go forth
and greet it with gladness.”

“Maybe once I wake up.”

the light turns red 
and off I go

he’ll be there
again tomorrow

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