Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nearly Fifteen

nearly fifteen

and he says he has a life.

I just can't expect 
that he has time to do 
all the things 
I would like him
to do.

In comparison 
to me, the least busy one – 
working two jobs and 
involved in countless things;
doing it so long, though,
that it's just second nature.

Remember all those
firsts when you were young - 
not just love, or driving
by yourself or being with the person
you coveted for so long.

The first time you heard
a blues standard and understood
exactly what it meant,
or connected the name of a restaurant
with a classic tale from long ago.

You thought you were the only one
to suddenly connect the dots,
the very first one to figure it all out.

You knew everything -
the universe was unfolding
right before your eyes.

You were busy;
you were sought after.
The world couldn't possibly
expect any more than you were
already giving, and yet someone
was still harping on you to pick
up your dirty socks and empty
the trash.

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