Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now That He's Gone

For my father, Frederick Rexford Cotter, Jr. 10.17.27~3.26.01

And I remember the last time
he visited my house.
I think that he knew it was the last time -
perhaps the only time,
to fill me in on those important things,

like taking care 
of my furnace,
taking care of my family,
taking care of myself.

He was there all my life.
He loved me all his life -
and I don't think I really knew
how much.

There were days,
even months,
when we didn't speak -
not angry; not anything,
just busy living our own lives.

Now a day doesn't go by
when I don't think of him
and wonder if 
he's thinking of me,
wherever he is -

watching out for me,
sending me his love
because I still feel his love -
his care, his wisdom, his strength
and his hand in mine,
walking through the woods,
just he and I, not talking,
just walking.

He's walking with me still.

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